In October in 2002 the second President of Kenya, His Excellency Daniel Arap Moi, established Kabarak University as a private not-for-profit institution with the specific mission ‘to provide a holistic quality education based on research, practical skills and Christian values’. It’s philosophy ‘to provide quality education in biblical perspective that transforms lives’ gives the institution and the education it provides a distinctive quality that resonates with potential students across Kenya, Africa and the world. Most students undertake a traditional face-to-face programme of study at one of three campuses; the main Kabarak University site 20km north of Nakuru, Nakuru Town Campus and Nairobi City Campus. However, the number of students that can be accommodated is limited by the number of physical spaces available on campus. Also, the need for a student to study away from home and attend one of the Kabarak campuses is a significant barrier to many potential students, restricting their access to a Kabarak education.

By exploiting the use of technology to enable courses to be delivered fully online, the institution will be able to offer greater access to a broader spectrum of potential students and greater flexibility to the lecturers and students engaging with the traditional on-campus provision. Currently, Kabarak regards itself as a predominantly ‘analogue’ institution but has recognized an increasing demand from students for digital resources and the flexibility they can provide to a traditional education.


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  1. By establishing KABUO, the acquisition of education is being taken to another level where flexibility and convenience is at one’s disposal. There is no excuse for one not to acquire education anymore! Bravo


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