KABUO is now an approved IMIST Invigilation Centre


KABUO is now officially an ATLAS approved invigilation centre for the internationally acclaimed IMIST (International Minimum Industry Safety Training) course. ATLAS is the leading global provider of innovative training and learning, focused on protecting people, assets and corporate reputation. Kabarak University is now the only University in East Africa to be approved as an IMIST Invigilation Centre.

Through this partnership, KABUO will work with our clients to transform their businesses and provide a competitive advantage through cost effective and innovative learning, compliance and competency solutions, improving business efficiency and employee effectiveness, whilst protecting employees, physical assets and corporate reputation.

Since 1995, ATLAS has been working with oil and gas clients, building up a wealth of knowledge in this industry sector including a full understanding of the pressures on organisations operating in safety-critical environments.

Our mission as KABUO is to become the preferred provider of niche, industry recognised and internationally certified online learning programs and this partnership with ATLAS is yet another milestone in this regard. We are targeting professionals already working in the oil and gas sector in the Eastern Africa region, including job seekers wishing to join the sector.


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