Official Launch of KABUO by H.E.Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta

“This is a great technological milestone for Kabarak University, and an additional contribution to our country’s innovative approach to education, and ICT. I Trust that this online platform will revolutionize our education system in Kenya and beyond. It is my expectation that Kabarak University will set high standards and enable Kenya consolidate its position as a continental hub for ICT and education, among other fields. My Government will continue to support institutions of higher education to ensure that technology is integrated with learning in order to increase access throughout the country.”

H.E.Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta


Official Opening by H.E the Chancellor

His Excellency the Chancellor President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi officially opened the Kabarak University Online Building on the


KABARAK ONLINEOfficial Opening by H.E the Chancellor

KABARAK ONLINE Official Opening by H.E the Chancellor  >> click on image to open gallery


abDo you want a chance to contribute to the soon to be launched Kabarak University Online platform? Well this is it…. Kabarak University Online in conjunction with Blackboard is rolling out a creative awareness campaign competition for the students. This is a chance to showcase your skills and talent and come up with the best marketing strategy to create awareness as we approach the launch date(21st November, 2014) which is also our 10th Graduation.

What you need?

●     An explicit marketing strategy

●     Creative mind to design the needed marketing necessities (banners, flyers, etc)

●     A detailed budget that would be involved to roll out the strategy

●     A good working schedule

●     Powerpoint presentation of four pages

How do I register?

All participants should send an email to with the following details:

Name, Registration Number, Year of Study. (Use you kabarak email address)

What is the prize?

●     32’’ LCD plasma screen

●     A well set up working space to contrivance the campaign

Once this is done, you are in! Compete! Compete! Compete! Join the band wagon to help Kabarak University echo our vision of becoming a centre of academic excellence founded on Christian values.

N.B Any graphic design that may be involved in a participant’s presentation must adhere to the KABARAK BRANDBOOK. This will be sent to all participants once the registration process is done.

For more details call: Eugene 0716 414 558

10 requirements of the perfect KABUO Manager…

If you could hire your next boss, what selection criteria would you use?

Haven’t you wished at least once that you could hire your next boss?

Below are some thoughts on who a perfect manager is.


1: Be a “people person”

KABUO comprises of people and it thus follows that our managers must like people. You should be comfortable with conflict resolution. You should know how people work and know how to motivate your team. If you are better with computers than people and understand Python or Java better than English, then membership in a managerial team just may elude you. A good sense of humor is also a must-have attribute.

2: Be visionary

Can you see the future? We need managers who can identify the next product or service that will be in demand and bring it to life. You should be goal oriented and effectively use your resources to “create the unusual.” If your definition of “visionary” is the ability to peer out through a large floor to ceiling window in a corner office at our online learning center, you would be wise to envision your career with another organization.

3: Be a good communicator

You should be able to communicate effectively using all methods, including visual presentations, public speaking, email, social media, teleconferencing, and face-to-face. Good communication is a two-way street. You will be required to routinely update your colleagues and seniors on their and the team’s performance. You will communicate any feedback from upper management and clients and provide status information when asked. Staff will also provide feedback via a process called “Rate your boss,” which will enable managers to improve their performance.

All information at KABUO is shared equally among all team members. Except for private and confidential information, we have no secrets between loyal KABUO team members. Good communication does not include shouting, cursing, throwing fits and tantrums, sulking, threatening, or any other form of physical or verbal abuse. That will be your sure and one way ticket out.

4: Be technically proficient

The products we create at KABUO are technically complicated. You don’t’ necessarily need to be able to code in PhP or Python, but you should be able to give sound technical guidance and decide the best strategies and methods for success in your area of specialization. And no, spending hours on YouTube or on any of the many movies we download in our free time does not qualify you as technically proficient in……………… (Fill in the blank)

5: Put your teams’ needs first

We need managers with a selfless attitude who are willing to fall on their sword or jump in front of a moving train (figuratively not literally) to meet the needs of their staff. Climbing the corporate ladder should come second to the needs of those working in the trenches. Our philosophy here at KABUO is that our managers succeed best by satisfying the needs of their team. For example, you will be required to provide the tools your team needs. Depending on performance, some bonuses may be availed for distribution to the team. “Selflessness” means sharing those goodies with your top performers and not using them for a holiday at the coast with your boys.

6: Encourage teamwork

Teamwork is important at KABUO. Not only are you required to encourage the best practices for building teamwork, you are considered a part of the team. We have no doors at KABUO for you to hide behind. You are required to sit and work with your staff. You will be assisted by an administrative officer who will provide support services to all team members, not just to you. Just for the record, we do have doors on all conference rooms, training labs and bathrooms, but using either as a permanent office is considered “unacceptable behavior.”

7: Lead by example

The best managers lead by example at KABUO. All managers are required to dress and act professionally at all times and to be available to give guidance and help when needed. Leading by example means working late and on weekends with your staff, hanging out with them and sharing a laugh. It’s all about doing instead of pontificating — and doing the right thing. Leading your team off a cliff does not qualify as the right thing!

8: Treat your staff like professionals

You should have the confidence in your team’s proficiency to decide most issues by themselves with only your guidance, as required. We treat every staff as a professional who doesn’t need micro managing. You will be looking over your workload and not over your employees’ shoulders. Now, isn’t that a comforting thought. . .

9: Encourage professional growth

All managers are expected to grow their skills and those of their team members. One of our mottos here at KABUO is “Be more than you are.” No, that motto is not displayed outside our cafeteria. Some of our other mottos that encourage professional growth include “Keep moving forward”, “Under-promise and over-deliver”, “Give me results, NOT excuses!”…

10: Do something special

Satisfying all the above criteria is not enough. You are also required to do something special for your team that:

  • Will be remembered fondly decades from now.
  • Can be shared by the entire group.
  • Won’t break the budget!

In conclusion, life is too short not to have a little bit of fun along the way. Most of our lives are spent sleeping, followed next by time spent working (And downloading movies for others). We therefore require our managers to create an atmosphere of fun. A good manager is also in the memory creation business. In the big scheme of things, a manager who doesn’t create happy memories is a failure in the game of life.

Adapted from article by Alan Norton in “10 things”.