Welcome message from the Vice Chancellor Rev. Prof. Jones Kaleli

Kabarak University Vice Chancellor Rev. Prof. Jones Kaleli

The private and professional lives of citizens have gone digital: we live, work, and play in cyberspace. Citizens use the Internet, computers, cell phones and mobile devices every day to communicate with family, friends and colleagues. We do business online every day, from banking to shopping to accessing Government services – from anywhere. Digital infrastructure makes all these possible by enabling access to services 24 X 7.

Citizens, industry and Governments do appreciate the many advantages that cyberspace offers our economy and improved quality of life. However, the scale of adoption is still far below the expected minimum threshold required to catapult this region into the knowledge age. Far too many citizens still lack access to basic education and opportunities for self-advancement resulting from access to educational resources. As a region, we will only be able to effectively tap into the many advantages offered by the knowledge age by having a critical pool of knowledge workers; individuals, capable of learning continuously, familiar with techniques of accessing, processing information and who also possess excellent communication skills.

Kabarak University Online (KABUO) is our plan for meeting the challenge of developing this pool of knowledge workers in the African region and beyond. It delivers on the decision of the Governing Council which mandated the University to acquire and operationalize a Learning and content management system.

KABUO is a cornerstone of our commitment to ensure that our collective workforce is equipped with knowledge age tools in a Biblical Perspective that will drive the well being of our countries and citizens to even greater heights.

I therefore challenge the Kabarak community: To be an educational leader in a Biblical perspective, we must re-invent ourselves and adopt online learning. We must defy the status quo. There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for less than we are capable of achieving – and I know that as a university, we are capable of achieving so much more. Nelson Mandela aptly put it “To deny people their human rights, is to challenge their very humanity” and today I dare say “To deny learners their technological rights, is to threaten their deep and life-long learning”.

With this blog, we have opened a virtual door and window to let in your thoughts, views and suggestions on how we can catapult Kabarak University into the digital age. I look forward to your active contributions and participation in this endeavor. So, let’s go Kabarak let’s go! Let us move with technology and make our presence valuable through online learning..

4 thoughts on “Welcome message from the Vice Chancellor Rev. Prof. Jones Kaleli

  1. Hellow Dr.johnes kaleli.
    i am a student at a new upcoming university called lukenya university college persuing general agriculture.
    In addition am your neighbour at konza,kikongooni area.
    I thereby take this opportunity to give you a bit of advise.it is all about your borehole.As per me,i see it better if you can think about utilizing the water on agriculture.This can help on developing the kikongooni and ngiini area athough i dont know your plans about the water.
    BYE BYE.


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