As I walked home today back from school, I had this crazy thought. You know those thoughts that you think while all alone and you find yourself laughing at yourself? Or if you don’t walk home, those random thoughts that cross your mind as you drive home with music in your car.

I thought, now the e-learning stuff… will there be an e-graduation?

Think about it. I have had my entire studies online. The only times I have ever come to Kabarak- the place- is when I have really had to. Now I am an alumni on the making.

Will I then clear online through a process called e-clearing? Will I ask for a refund of my caution money through e-caution money claiming? Oh, or will I do my semester billing through e-billing? Here is another, if I get suspended, will I do an e-trial with the management as is the case? And will I go for an e-suspension? Say I do, my account is disabled for the two semesters, right? Can I then register for another program and continue during the time- a short course perhaps?

Most interestingly, as I graduate, after going and growing through all these clutters, do I have to come back to Kabarak or will there be an E-Graduation? I mean, I wouldn’t want my first time to come to Kabarak, considering I live in the Hamptons, be on my graduation to receive my First Class Degree Honors!

With the rolling out of this program, so many e-issues are raised. Soon, I see a wealth of vocabularies on e-words. I see students writing their dissertations on the Blackboard in Kabarak. I see a law student write an article of the legal regime of the program in Kabarak Law.

On the other hand, I see a response to this brief article just to tell me that no such thing as an e-graduation will be there.

From where I come from, we have this old saying. It goes, ‘First we try; and then we trust.’ This just happens to be one of those moments that we try this whole new world. Then we trust. I trust.

By. Frank Cheluget

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